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Merck hires ex-CDC chief to head vaccines unit

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Julie Gerberding, who headed the CDC while President George W. Bush was in office, is joining Merck as president of its $5 billion vaccines division. Gerberding, who is replacing the retiring Margie McGlynn, will take charge in late January, arriving at a time when Merck's vaccine revenues have been in flux. Last year, sales at the unit dropped 2 percent. Merck markets a slate of infant-and-child immunizations, as well as the human papillomavirus shot Gardasil, which recently got FDA approval for use in boys.

"I've had the privilege in my previous work in academia and in the federal government to be a passionate advocate for public health priorities such as vaccines, which are an imperative component of global health development," Dr. Gerberding says in a statement. "I am very excited to be joining Merck where I can help to expand access to vaccines around the world."

Gerberding will have her work cut out for her when she arrives. Sales of Gardasil plunged in the third quarter, and the new indication for boys will be a hard sell--especially after a number of experts concluded that giving the HPV shot to boys isn't cost-effective.

- check out the Merck release
- here's the story from the Philadelphia Inquirer

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Vaccinations as an imperative component of global health development??? It is very sad to see that these positions of power over the WORLD'S health direction are filled with people so lost. What happened to NUTRITION? How about getting back to the basics and remembering "you are what you eat". Or at least an apple a day?! Drink lots of water (spring water) eat lots of different fruit, vegetables, and greens. Raw diets cure all diseases.... No dairy, meat, sugar, alch, or prescription drugs and your troubles will fade away. Take care to all

Where do the genetal warts come from? Men. It should be a required vaccine to attend school.
Or allow the young women that contract the warts to hold the parents of the men responsible and open to suite.

It seems rather coincidental that a former CDC chief would have such a cozy relationship with a major pharma company. I wonder if it's a "thank you" to her for her past efforts to promote lethal drugs use to children. Remember, it's always all about the money...not the public welfare.

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