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Merck stymied in attempt to broaden Gardasil market; flu vaccine effective this year;


Vaccine Market

Merck's efforts to broaden the market for Gardasil have run into a roadblock at the FDA. Report

Workers age 50-64 who received an influenza vaccine lost substantially fewer days of work and worked fewer days while ill, according to a new study in the February 1 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, now available online. Given the concerns about antiviral drug resistance among this year's flu strains, the study highlights the importance of vaccination to prevent influenza. Release

Advaxis says it won a patent fight over an antigen called Lovaxin C. Advaxis claims to have the exclusive rights to listeria technology used to develop cancer vaccines. Anza Therapeutics filed a challenge in Europe. Release l Story

Changing all three of the strains used in the seasonal flu vaccine this year appears to be paying off. After recording a spike in flu cases last year, Connecticut is reporting a record low number of new flu cases so far this season. Report

Celldex Therapeutics sold its poultry vaccine business to for Lohmann Animal Health International. Story

Vietnam says that chickens being smuggled into the country from China are often infected with bird flu. Report

Vaccine Research

Australian researchers say they've developed a new vaccine delivery technology that can be used to combat HIV and other infectious diseases. Story

Generex Biotechnology has published a report which concludes that the cancer vaccine AE37 has superior immunogenicity to other peptide vaccines investigated to date. In addition, the value of specific CD4+ T cell stimulation is also underscored. Release

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