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Pediatricians get tough with vaccine doubters

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The American Academy of Pediatrics say that more and more parents are resisting the vaccinations that are recommended for their children, and they're mounting a promotional campaign in an attempt to reverse the tide. A group called the "Immunization Alliance" has been formed to counteract what the pediatricians see as a dangerous trend toward more and more vaccine exemptions. The academy cited the rapid spread of rumors from parent to parent, lack of understanding about the risks involved and falling trust in government and health officials as a few of the issues they have to deal with.

But one health blogger for the Chicago Tribune says that the large number of shots recommended by the CDC should also be cited. By age 18, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 different vaccines. And the new combination vaccines that are coming into the market, she adds, won't help matters.

- read the report in the Chicago Tribune

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