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Vaccine targets ebola; monkeys infected with HIV;

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Vaccine Research

Protection against Ebola, one of the world's deadliest viruses, can be achieved by a vaccine produced in insect cells, raising prospects for developing an effective vaccine for humans, say scientists at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio. Release

With no vaccine for HIV on the near horizon, researchers have been turning their attention to new microbicides that can protect women from the virus. Report

Scientists have created a strain of HIV that can infect monkeys, giving them a better animal model to test new vaccines on. Report

Generex Biotechnology announced that the first patient has received the immunotherapeutic AE37 vaccine as part of a new combination therapy approach for breast and ovarian cancer patients. Release

Dynavax Technologies has hired Tyler Martin, M.D., as its first chief medical officer. Report

A new paper co-authored by scientists from Idera and Merck describes a preclinical study evaluating a TLR9 agonist as a vaccine adjuvant in combination with a HER-2/neu plasmid DNA electroporation/adenovirus vaccine candidate. Release

Vaccine Market

A conjugate pneumococcal vaccine will become available in South Africa next month, and health officials say that it could well end up saving millions of lives. Report

An outbreak of meningitis has hit northern Nigeria. Report

Wyeth's 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, Prevenar, has been registered by the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development and should be commercially available later this year. Release

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