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Frozen DTaP vax has unintended effect

Inadvertent freezing of the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis) vaccine during storage may be contributing to a rise in one of the diseases it aims to prevent. The unlikely culprit:

Antigenics shares gain on GSK's ambitious PhIII vax program

GlaxoSmithKline isn't the only company cheering this week's launch of a late-stage program for a shingles vaccine. Antigenics flagged its own role in the parade for the potential blockbuster and was

Antigenics shares buoyed by early data on genital herpes vax

Shares of Antigenics (AGEN) got some much-needed help after the developer reported that its vaccine/adjuvant combo to guard against genital herpes looked promising in a small, early-stage trial. The

Malaria vaccine proves promising in Mali trial

An experimental malaria vaccine originally developed by GlaxoSmithKline and the U.S. Army has produced dramatic results in an early-stage trial in Mali. Researchers recruited 100 children who are

SciClone stock surges on Zadaxin news

California-based SciClone Pharmaceuticals' shares shot up as much as 14 percent earlier this week after preliminary study data showed the adjuvant Zadaxin increased immune response when used in

An up and a down for GSK vaccine

Japanese drug officials are visiting Canada following GlaxoSmithKline's advice to the Great White North to hold the remaining 15,000 doses of a batch of swine flu vaccine. GSK wants to investigate

Kineta, UW scientists reap $13M adjuvant grant

Tiny Seattle-based Kineta has reaped $6.8 million of a $13 million grant to fund the development of new adjuvants for vaccines. And the rest of the money will go to Michael Gale Jr. and Michael

Adjuvants suffer politics

The science of vaccine supply-stretching adjuvants--approved and used in some European countries--appears to be getting overwhelmed by political concerns about their safety. Fear mongering has

Adjuvant may stretch swine flu vaccine supply

Greece, The Netherlands, Canada and Israel have ordered enough double doses of swine flu vaccine to inoculate their entire populations. "Pandemic vaccine orders put in by northern hemisphere

Novartis: Data supports pre-pandemic vax campaign

Investigators are touting new data that shows Novartis' pre-pandemic flu vaccine Aflunov can deliver swift protection to people primed with the MF59-adjuvanted vaccine up to six years earlier. Those