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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Mothers' breast milk may carry HIV fighting tool

Duke University scientists have uncovered another tool that they think will help defeat the HIV virus: antibodies in breast milk.

Advisory panels take up Gilead's Truvada, then Quad

It will be up to an advisory panel to say whether Truvada's potential is undercut by the chance patients won't take it or that drug resistance is too likely.

Stem cell/gene therapy holds HIV at bay in mouse trials

Scientists have successfully transplanted anti-HIV stem cells into mice that served as surrogates for infected patients. Bigger still, however, the process successfully expanded and safeguarded HIV-resistant immune cells, and the cells themselves kept growing even when confronted with the virus.

Nigeria commits to AIDS vaccine development

In Nigeria, around 3.3 million people were living with HIV/AIDS in 2010. To try to combat this, the country is kick-starting its vaccine program again.

UCLA morphs stem cells into T-cell missiles that seek and destroy HIV

UCLA scientists engineered human blood stem cells into mature T cells that sought out and attacked the virus in tissues where it lives and grows.

AIDS advocates spar over preventive Truvada use

AIDS advocacy groups are dueling over preventive use of Gilead Sciences' ($GILD) Truvada, and the FDA is standing right in the line of fire. The agency is considering the company's...

Key protein appears to kill off HIV food supply in certain cells

Today, we're one small but significant step closer to figuring out how to get certain cells to fight back against HIV infection. Specifically, scientists with the NYU Langone Medical Center and

Clinton backs emergency rollout of AIDS-drug copycats

The big headlines from yesterday's three-president World AIDS Day confab marked President Obama's pledge to get antiretroviral drugs to millions of more people. But it was former President Bill

BMS teams with Alvin Ailey on dance promo

In an unorthodox pharma promotion, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, whose founder died of AIDS-related illnesses in 1989, is unveiling a new dance, "Home," sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb (

Computational analysis points to potential HIV targets

Computer geeks are hot on the trail of HIV. Building on the knowledge that HIV needs certain human proteins to spread, a group of researchers used a specialized algorithm to analyze networks of