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Latest Headlines

Amgen posts positive PhIII data as judgment day for cancer vaccine bet nears

In 2011, Amgen splashed out an initial $425 million to buy BioVex and its cancer vaccine in what analysts described as a "high risk, high reward" deal. A little more than three years later Amgen is close to finding out if the bet has paid off, and the latest data is encouraging.

UPDATED: Amgen scores PhIII success with BioVex virus against melanoma

Amgen touted top-line results from a Phase III trial of an anti-cancer virus as a treatment for a deadly form of skin cancer, showing that talimogene laherparepvec met the primary goal for shrinking tumors in patients with late stages of the disease.

Biotech vet Astley-Sparke takes U.S. lead for pioneering gene therapy player

Longtime biotech exec Philip Astley-Sparke will take the U.S. lead for uniQure, the Amsterdam-based developer, which recently won the first European approval for a new gene therapy.

Bayer exec takes reins at J&J;'s troubled consumer products biz

Welcome to this week's roundup of hirings and firings throughout the industry. Please send the good word (or the bad) from your shop to Alison Bryant (email | Twitter) and Nesa Nourmohammadi (...

Biotech vet Astley-Sparke joins venture game as Forbion partner

As the CEO of BioVex, Philip Astley-Sparke executed a blockbuster deal to sell the company to Amgen for up to a billion dollars. And as one of his biggest investors at BioVex, a Fierce 15 company, Forbion Capital Partners had every reason to celebrate his success.

Sir Chris: $1B US BioVex deal highlights weak biotech support in UK

Long before Amgen decided that BioVex's late-stage efforts to develop a genetically modified herpes virus to kill cancer cells was worth up to a billion dollars, Welsh biotech investor Sir Chris

Amgen bets $1B on BioVex's dual-mechanism cancer therapy

In a bold late-stage gamble, Amgen has agreed to pay $425 million in cash to license a promising cancer vaccine from Woburn, MA-based BioVex, a 2009 Fierce 15 company which migrated to the U.S.

Companies explore promise of oncolytic immunity

FierceVaccines recently caught up with 2009 Fierce 15 Winner BioVex, which was born in the lab of University College London scientist Robert Coffin and later moved to Massachusetts. Dr. Coffin

BioVex snags $30M to pay for pivotal trial

A week after putting out the final data on its successful mid-stage cancer trial for OncoVex, BioVex has fattened its bank account with $30 million in fresh venture funds from a slate of new

BioVex CEO upbeat on OncoVex data, hints at a deal

BioVex has dotted the i's and crossed the t's on its Phase II data for OncoVex, adding another complete responder to its tally of advanced melanoma patients who reacted favorably to its OncoVex
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