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Latest Headlines

Actos jury says Takeda failed at safety warnings, but judge tosses $1.7M verdict

The jury has spoken in the latest Actos trial, and the verdict was this: Takeda Pharmaceutical didn't properly flag the risks of its diabetes drug, and Takeda should pay $1.7 million to the family of Diep An, an Actos patient who died of bladder cancer.

At key Actos trial, lawyer claims Takeda kept cancer risks under wraps

For the second time, Takeda Pharmaceuticals is trying to fend off claims that it didn't warn Actos patients about the diabetes drug's links to bladder cancer.

U.K. Dx zeroes in on bladder cancer biomarkers in urine odor

U.K. researchers say they've come up with a viable bladder cancer test that detects biomarkers for the disease through urine odor.

Diagnostic device detects bladder cancer through urine odor

Cancer cells smell, emitting gases laced with biomarkers revealing volatile organic compounds, and, with the right technology, breaking down that odor can help diagnose bladder cancer, according to a study.

Swedish team discovers protein common to aggressive bladder cancer

Swedish researchers believe that screening for the biomarker, perhaps with a simple urine test, could allow for more targeted treatment at an earlier enough stage to give patients a fighting chance, or at least indentify realistic options.

Takeda execs scrambled after Actos cancer risks emerged, witness says

Actos and its potential links to bladder cancer are now on trial. And already, lawyers have brought out incriminating emails, in which Takeda Pharmaceutical executives discuss damage-control plans. It's the first case pitting a patient with bladder cancer against Japan's Takeda, which built Actos into a $4.5 billion product before safety questions took hold. The company faces at least 3,000 similar claims.

Takeda preps for first Actos trial now opening in L.A.

The first trial of a lawsuit linking the diabetes drug Actos with bladder cancer is about to begin. As Bloomberg reports, jury selection starts today in Los Angeles, as Takeda Pharmaceuticals gears up to fight more than 3,000 claims from patients who used the diabetes drug.

Takeda's Actos era ends with generic launches

It's not a megabrand like Lipitor or Plavix, but the diabetes drug Actos has brought in more than $3 billion in U.S. sales at its peak, more than $16 billion total since its release in 1999. And now, it has generic competition. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, watch your back.

FDA wags finger at Sanofi for no-nos at vaccine plants

The FDA admonished Sanofi Pasteur on more than two dozen counts for "objectionable" conditions in two plants in Canada and France, according to a warning letter dated July 12 and made public July 24.

Actos again tied to bladder cancer risk

A new Canadian study has again tied the Type 2 diabetes drug to a risk of bladder cancer.
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