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Latest Headlines

Canada to implement UDI based solely on international guidelines

Canada will follow the International Medical Device Regulators Forum unique device identification guidelines to the "T" as it works toward the national implementation of the tracking system. Mass Device reports that federal regulator Health Canada has no plans to add any Canada-specific guidelines at this time.

Court limits Canada's power over generic drug prices

A federal court in Canada has now agreed with the industry that the country's price setting board has assumed too much authority and severely curtailed its ability to control prices over generic drugs in a case centered on Novartis' generic drug company Sandoz, and a unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which started as Ratiopharm.

Cook launches Zilver PTX drug-eluting stent in Canada

Cook Medical announced the launch of what it said is Canada's first drug-coated stent for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease in the superficial femoral artery on June 5 at the Interventional Radiology Association meeting in Montreal.

Study: Only 50% of Canadian healthcare workers are vaccinated

A new analysis published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that vaccination rates among healthcare workers in Canada are less than 50%, well below the level necessary for herd immunity.

Troubled Trimel touts effect of its female sexual disorder drug Tefina

Canada's Trimel Pharmaceuticals, a penny stock biotech which issued a "going concern" warning about its financial status earlier this year, is touting the results of a midstage drug designed to correct female sexual disorder.

Fresenius recalls hemodialysis liquid after bacteria discovery

German company Fresenius has had multiple runs with the FDA in recent years, with the agency hitting its plants in the U.S., Puerto Rico and India with warning letters. Fresenius' Montreal, Canada, plant has caused it fewer problems, but it too has now encountered quality-control failings.

Hospira grabs market for cancer drug in Canada after competitor ordered to halt production

Hospira, which had to cede market share when its own manufacturing issues led to extensive remediation at its key U.S. plant, is now benefiting from someone else's missteps.

Taro expands Canada plant with help from Ontario

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, the Israel-based drugmaker that Sun Pharmaceutical badly wanted to swallow, is expanding its production with new operations in Canada. Not only will it get more capacity but it is also picking up some subsidies from the government to help cover the costs.

Canada to set up cancer cloud computing facility

Recognition of the insights hidden in genetic data and the difficulty in extracting them has prompted governments around the world to stump up cash for informatics projects. Canada is set to continue upping its investments in the field, with a cancer cloud-computing facility the latest project to secure financial backing.

FDA issued import alert after importer tried to ship saline not approved in U.S.

The FDA says the recent import alert imposed on 0.9% sodium chloride made at a Baxter International plant in Canada was issued because an "importer/consignee" tried to ship some into the U.S. The problem is, the saline made at that plant is not approved for sale in the U.S.