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Latest Headlines

Australia's CSL gets three Novartis vaccine plants in $275M deal

For $275 million, Australia's CSL is buying from Novartis a network of vaccine manufacturing facilities, as well as a portfolio of products.

Novartis officially bows out of vaccines with flu sale to CSL

Novartis' 8-year foray into vaccines is officially coming to a close. After divesting the bulk of its unit to GlaxoSmithKline in an April deal, the pharma giant Sunday announced it had agreed to sell its flu shot business to Australia's CSL. And with that, it'll make its exit from a field that's given it trouble since its Chiron buyout in 2006.

CSL opens $250M plant for hemophilia treatments

Australia's CSL ($CSL) has several promising recombinant factor hemophilia treatments in its pipeline and now it has a $250 million plant ready to produce them.

University of Minnesota researchers call for better flu vaccine

Researchers at the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy claim current influenza vaccines offer less protection against the infectious disease than previously thought, and better ones are necessary.

Flu vaccine manufacturers face steep odds

As flu season approaches, vaccines companies are working against the odds to market their influenza vaccines. Last year, the overall U.S. vaccination rate was about 42%--a far cry from the target rates of 80% for people ages 6 months to 65 years and 90% for those older than 65.

CSL's drug candidate reverses Type 2 diabetes in mice and rats

In four trials involving mice and rats, scientists at Australian drug developer CSL didn't just stop Type 2 diabetes from developing, they reversed its progression. If successful in humans, the drug candidate known as 2H10 could represent a major breakthrough, essentially a brand new way to tackle the disease.

CSL secures U.S. contract to supply flu vaccine antigens

Australia-based vaccine maker CSL Biotherapies, which has had to deal with some quality issues raised by the FDA, has been selected by the U.S. government to further strengthen the country's supply of pre-pandemic and pandemic vaccine antigens in case of an influenza outbreak.

CSL, Sun Pharma rank as absolutely fab in Asia

Asia has been high on every major drugmaker's to-do list over the past several years. Pharma markets there are among the fastest-growing in the world, and Big Pharma wants a piece of that growth. But Asia has a few homegrown drug companies with turf to defend, as this year's "Fab 50" from Forbes shows.

CSL nets closeout letter after FDA violations

After more than two years of manufacturing problems, CSL Biotherapies cleaned up its act, receiving a closeout letter from the FDA.

CSL, whose vaccine was tied to convulsions, gets FDA closeout letter

Australian vaccinemaker CSL Biotherapies, which landed in a boatload of trouble with the FDA and Australian authorities after children taking one of its vaccines began convulsing, has apparently satisfied U.S. regulators that its manufacturing is sound, netting a closeout letter as confirmation.