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Latest Headlines

Dendreon demonstrates tougher commercialization hurdles for developers

It takes years in biotechnology to forge an enduring success. But failure is always just one false step away. Look at Dendreon ($DNDN). A little more than a year ago, the biotech pioneer was

Dendreon's Gold tops 'Worst Biotech CEO' poll

Mitch Gold and his struggling biotech Dendreon ($DNDN) can't catch a break since disappointing Wall Street with lackluster sales of the prostate cancer drug Provenge. TheStreet announced Gold was

Celldex shares rally (briefly) on positive PhII brain cancer data

Celldex Therapeutics ($CLDX) reports that a small, single-arm study of its experimental brain cancer vaccine scored a significantly higher overall survival rate than the historical numbers on file.

Dendreon deals body blow to manufacturing ops

Manufacturing takes the biggest hit as Dendreon ($DNDN) crashes back to earth. The formerly high-flying biotech announced late last week it's laying off a quarter of its workforce--500 of 2,000

Dendreon cuts deep into work force to conserve cash

In an attempt to break even in the cash-intensive biotech game following a rough start with its prostate cancer drug, Dendreon is handing pink slips to a quarter of its employees and saying goodbye

Dendreon banks on restructuring after stock craters

Struggling to break out of Wall Street's dog house, Dendreon is pursuing a corporate restructuring plan that many expect to result in big cost cuts and the potential elimination of jobs at the

Dendreon cancels GSK Provenge contract

After months of poor sales, Dendreon ($DNDN) terminated its Provenge contract with GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK). The pharma giant would have provided the cancer vaccine's antigen through 2015 as part of

Dendreon's fall trips up fellow biotechs on Wall Street

The steep fall in Dendreon's ($DNDN) share price appears to be sending investors running scared from some other biotech stocks, causing what MarketWatch's Val Brickates Kennedy called the "Dendreon

Analysts see an upside after market swings bludgeon biotechs

The roller coaster ride investors have been on for the past two weeks underscores an old bit of market wisdom: when the Dow and other indexes catch a cold, biotech gets pneumonia. By Friday analysts

Xconomy: Dendreon has only itself to blame for Provenge fiasco

Xconomy's Luke Timmerman takes Dendreon to task for its acknowledged blunder marketing Provenge. Chiding the biotech for overreaching on price, failing to get its marketing ducks in a row ahead of an