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Latest Headlines

HHS awards flu antigen contract to CSL

CSL will manufacture and store antigens that can be used against influenza strains with pandemic potential.

CSL secures U.S. contract to supply flu vaccine antigens

Australia-based vaccine maker CSL Biotherapies, which has had to deal with some quality issues raised by the FDA, has been selected by the U.S. government to further strengthen the country's supply of pre-pandemic and pandemic vaccine antigens in case of an influenza outbreak.

Study: Flu vaccine safe for pregnant women

A new study further proves the flu vaccine is safe for pregnant women. The study of nearly 9,000 pregnant women who received the vaccine showed no significant increase in rates of major birth defects, Reuters reports.

CSL nets closeout letter after FDA violations

After more than two years of manufacturing problems, CSL Biotherapies cleaned up its act, receiving a closeout letter from the FDA.

Labs, NIH zero in on painless vaccine technology

The Infectious Disease Research Institute and Medicago plan to remove the 'ouch' from vaccine administration. The pair is working on delivering virus-like particles through a device that uses pain-free microneedles.

VaxInnate bird flu shot flies into Phase I

VaxInnate's VAX161, the company's vaccine in development to protect against a bird flu pandemic, has moved into Phase I trials.

Inovio makes steps toward a universal flu vax

Inovio Pharmaceuticals thinks it is a step closer to the prize with a universal avian flu vax that has triggered protective responses against 6 h5N1 virus in one go in a Phase I clinical trial.

Swine flu vax could offer universal flu protection

Researchers in Canada are touting a 2009 swine flu shot as a potential route to a universal vaccine that could target all forms of influenza, according to data published in Frontiers of Immunology.

Txt msg reminders swell flu vaccine uptake--gr8!

In the first large, population-based randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of text message vaccine reminders, parents getting a reminder were more likely to take their kids for a flu shot.

Dendreon vets grab the helm of a troubled vaccine developer

A pair of Dendreon veterans has swooped in to take charge of the troubled Swiss biotech Mymetics with ambitious plans.