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German billionaires back $76M gamble on Glycotope's drug trials

A pair of billionaire brothers helped Glycotope round up $76 million in venture cash to pay for Phase IIb trials of a pair of cancer drugs as well as a late-stage effort for a fertility therapy.

German med schools perfectly OK with pharma-rep visits and gifts

German med school deans aren't too concerned with pharma reps swaying their students' future prescription habits, according to a recent survey. 

German lawmakers drag pricing freeze out to 2017

The German government has decided to extend a drug-pricing freeze through 2017.

PPD partners up to give Germany a starring role in clinical trials

PPD has signed a deal with a German hospital to help bring more clinical trials to the country, agreeing to lend its global reach and help lure drug developers.

Germany may publicize its drug discounts, putting fear into Big Pharma's heart

Germany isn't the most popular market among drugmakers these days, thanks to strict pricing policies that have put a hurt on sales. Now, a proposed law could see the country fall further out of pharma's favor--and compromise the industry's international pricing power.

UPDATED: GSK warns of a possible global shortage of chickenpox vaccines

It turns out that Germany will not be the only country facing a shortage of GlaxoSmithKline's chickenpox vaccines. While healthcare providers there have already been given a heads up to prepare for rationing, the company says deliveries worldwide will be affected.

Bayer's hot-selling Eylea runs into a roadblock in its home market

Sales of Bayer's Eylea have taken off since the EU greenlighted the eye drug in late in 2012. But now, Germany's cost watchdog has thrown up a roadblock for the second time. Thursday, the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) said it was unable to assess whether Eylea provided an advantage over its rival, Novartis' Lucentis--an opinion that could hurt sales for Bayer on its home turf.

AstraZeneca, BMS pull Forxiga in Germany in snit over pricing

AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb look to be feeling good about the future of their diabetes drug Forxiga. The drugmakers have yanked the diabetes treatment from the market in Germany because they couldn't get the reimbursement they wanted from medical insurers. The nose-thumbing move came the day after an FDA panel recommended the drug for approval in the U.S.

U.K. caps drug spending, forcing pharma to curtail prices

U.K. officials are finally taking the wraps off their new drug-pricing plan. The pharma industry has been waiting for the update to go public--but branded drugmakers are likely to wish they could wait longer. Under the new 5-year agreement, drugmakers will suffer new spending caps beginning next year.

Venn grabs German CRO, expands Euro footprint

Irish CRO Venn Life Sciences has agreed to trade nearly $1 million of stock for Germany's CRM Clinical Trials, a move that will stretch its reach into one of Europe's largest research markets.