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Latest Headlines

Cancer vaccine maker Aduro files for $86M IPO

Aduro Biotech is the latest to try its hand at an IPO, and it laid out its case for an $86 million IPO last week.

Aduro, BMS cancer vaccine combo to start Phase II

In another step forward for cancer vaccine combos, Aduro Biotech announced Thursday that an investigator-led Phase II trial of its GVAX and CRS-207 for pancreatic cancer with Opdivo, Bristol-Myers Squibb's PD-1 drug, would begin.

Aduro licenses BioSante cancer vaccines

Aduro BioTech has gained access to BioSante Pharmaceuticals' GVAX pancreas cancer vaccine and GVAX prostate cancer vaccine through a licensing agreement. The Berkeley, CA-based company plans to

Hunt for the next big cancer vaccine fraught with peril

After Dendreon won a historic approval a week ago for Provenge, the world's first therapeutic cancer vaccine, a host of developers started to flag their own therapeutic vaccine programs. But in the

BioSante cancer vax promising in small study

Shares of BioSante Pharmaceuticals surged this morning in pre-market trading after the developer said that a 19-patient study demonstrated the promise of its GVAX leukemia vaccine to mop up the

Analysts buoy Cell Genesys' hope for GVAX

Shares of Cell Genesys got hit hard last week after the company announced that it was

Cell Genesys' cancer vax setback depresses field

Back in 2000, shares of Cell Genesys traded at more than $50 a share. Yesterday, the stock closed under $1 after plummeting more than 70 percent after its prostate cancer vaccine trial was halted due