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Latest Headlines

Merck's new hep C contender Zepatier faces a long runway, but 2017 could bring takeoff

If Merck was aiming to score points with payers when it undercut its hep C rivals on price with new combo therapy Zepatier, consider the job done. But whether those points can translate into a market-share boost remains to be seen.

BMS details new Japan hit to hep C sales

Bristol-Myers Squibb continues to take it on the chin in Japan in hepatitis C sales even as its global performance continues to handle the competition.

Massachusetts AG threatens legal action against Gilead over pricey hep C meds

Gilead Sciences faces legal action in Massachusetts if it doesn't cut the prices of its hepatitis C drugs.

Hep C spending in Australia to top $1 billion

The government of Australia said it will spend $1 billion over 5 years to provide "groundbreaking" treatments for hepatitis C sufferers and that it hopes the work will eliminate the disease from down under within a generation, according to a report by ABC News.

Drug approvals for hep C candidates not fast enough in China

If China is indeed improving its drug-regulatory system, it isn't happening fast enough for hundreds of thousands of hepatitis C patients still reliant on expensive imports for a good treatment, or who can travel abroad for cutting-edge therapies. That, in a country with 10% of the world's cases of the liver-destroying disease.

Gilead's Harvoni beats Sovaldi, AbbVie's Viekira Pak in hep C drug safety: Advera

Recent analyses have shown that Gilead's hep C superstars Harvoni and Sovaldi are safer than AbbVie's rival med Viekira Pak. But Harvoni could be the safest option of the three, turning up the fewest reports of serious side effects, according to a new report by healthcare informatics firm Advera Health Analytics.

Indian Institute of Science develops hep C delivery vehicle using siRNA

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science say they have made a breakthrough in the fight against hepatitis C by modifying a dendrimer to create a nanovector for the delivery of siRNA to the liver.

BMS gets a leg up in the China hep C race with PhI for Daklinza

China has moved closer to approval of the nation's first state-of-the-art treatment for hepatitis C, according to researchers who presented data from their initial trial at the Liver Meeting conference in San Francisco.

Roche launches rapid HIV, hep C tests in Europe

Roche is rolling out rapid tests for HIV, hepatitis C and hep C genotyping in Europe, continuing its molecular diagnostics winning streak a couple of weeks after scoring FDA approval for related tests and unveiling promising numbers for its testing business.

Merck says it won't need AbbVie-sized discounts to win in hep C

Industry watchers have been speculating for months on what pricing strategy Merck will use with its forthcoming hepatitis C combo. After all, it will enter a market already divided by the Gilead Sciences-AbbVie battle. And while Merck's president of global human health, Adam Schechter, wouldn't reveal much on the Q3 earnings call, he did say Merck doesn't intend to follow in AbbVie's footsteps.