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Latest Headlines

Profectus immunizes first patient in Ph1 HIV vax trial

Baltimore-based Profectus Biosciences has inoculated its first patient in a Phase I trial of its multi-antigen DNA HIV vaccine. The study will monitor 60 HIV patients who are on stable

Dana-Farber finds new AIDS vax target

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is making progress toward an AIDS vaccine thanks to a relatively stable portion of the virus' protein envelope. By targeting the protein strand, called the V3 loop,

HIV vaccine researchers ponder new strategies, drop in funding

Emboldened by a glimpse of the potential of a new HIV vaccine, more than 1,000 researchers from around the world are gathering in Atlanta this week to share their thoughts on the best strategies for

Encouraging steps in AIDS fight prompt hope for 'renaissance'

With recent advances toward creating a viable HIV vaccine, experts are hopeful for the beginning of the "renaissance" of HIV and AIDS treatment--especially during the buzz of the Vienna AIDS

Two new antibodies may lead to HIV/AIDS vaccine

Federal researchers have discovered two antibodies that may bring about the renaissance of HIV and AIDS treatment. The antibodies, VRC01 and VRC02, can kill up to 90 percent of HIV strains, compared

New study highlights an unexplored HIV vax path

Using a computer model, researchers have been able to identify the unique genetic profile of people most likely to carry highly reactive sets of T cells, which makes them part an elite group of

HIV vax trial recruiters get edgy with social media strategies

One of the hottest trends in clinical trial development these days is the use of social media to recruit suitable subjects, and that hasn't gone unnoticed in HIV vaccine research circles. The HIV

Finalists ponder fate of $88M HIV facility

The four finalists for an $88 million project to build a new facility in Canada to produce an HIV vaccine say the government has left them in the dark about the reasons why no one has been selected

Thai HIV vax trial controversy continues to brew

The post mortems on the Thai HIV vaccine trial continue to pour in following the revelation in the New York Times that AIDS researchers briefed on the results found out that a separate--and initially

AIDS vax a surprising success in big trial

AIDS vaccine investigators would have taken just about any positive indication in a major human trial as a hopeful sign. And today many were clearly impressed to see that a huge study of a combo HIV