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Latest Headlines

Inovio says Zika vaccine shows promise in mice and shoots for human trial by year-end

While it doesn't yet market any products, Inovio continues to be the Zika vaccine front-runner, reporting that its experimental jab induced a "robust and durable" immune response in mice.

Walter Reed kicks off PhI trial of Inovio's MERS vaccine

Three months after teaming up with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Inovio and GeneOne are kicking off Phase I trials of its MERS vaccine. The biotechs joined forces with Walter Reed in November to conduct Phase I trials, citing the disease as an "emergent global health concern." MERS has killed nearly 600 and infected 1,650 people since it emerged in 2012.

Sanofi launches Zika vaccine R&D; effort

As the global alarm continues to sound about the Zika virus, Sanofi said on Tuesday that it's getting involved. In doing so, it became the first major pharmaceutical company to get involved in the Zika vaccine race, launching a program to develop a jab just after receiving the first regulatory approvals for its dengue shot.

European MERS vaccine effective in camels

South Korea's GeneOne Life Science and San Diego, CA-based Inovio teamed up to develop a vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which has infected 1,650 and killed nearly 600 since its emergence. The candidate has entered Phase I trials in the U.S., but a rising competitor, developed by European scientists, is hot on its trail.

GeneOne, Inovio's MERS vaccine enters PhI at Walter Reed

With an eye on an "emergent global health concern," GeneOne Life Science teamed up with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research this week to usher its vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) into a first-in-human trial at the institute.

Inovio's MERS vaccine could hit PhI before year's end

In the three years since Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) was discovered in Saudi Arabia, more than 1,500 cases of the disease have been reported and more than 600 people have died from MERS. This year's outbreak in South Korea infected 186 and killed 36. There is no vaccine for MERS, but Inovio's candidate could enter Phase I in the next couple of months.

Inovio-led team picks up $24M from DARPA to develop Ebola vaccine, treatments

Just 5 months after it scored $21 million of a potential $45 million grant for the development of Ebola treatments, Inovio Pharmaceuticals picked up the remaining $24 million from DARPA, the company announced on Monday. The DOD's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency chose Inovio to lead the development of Ebola treatments and preventive measures, including a DNA-based vaccine against the disease.

AstraZeneca picks up discarded Amgen plant as part of its biologics expansion

U.K.-based AstraZeneca is buying and intends to eventually employ 400 at a Colorado biologics plant that Amgen closed last year as part of its massive two-stage move to lay off 4,000 people.

Inovio's MERS vaccine shows 100% protection in mice, camels, monkeys

Since 2012, 1,118 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) have been reported in Saudi Arabia and 483 people have died, but there is no vaccine that might head off an outbreak. Among those working to bring a vaccine to market to prevent such an epidemic is Inovio, which announced on Wednesday that its MERS candidate induced 100% protection from a live virus challenge in mice, camels and monkeys.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca offers $727M package to partner with Inovio on immuno-oncology

AstraZeneca's big MedImmune subsidiary has nailed down its third pact in 5 days, inking a collaboration with Inovio Pharmaceuticals on a cancer vaccine designed to generate a tumor-specific T cell response. MedImmune is handing over a $27.5 million upfront and up to $700 million in milestones for the deal while agreeing to also cover the research tab.