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Latest Headlines

CRO SillaJen eyes $150M deal for ex-sponsor

As CROs around the world weigh the benefits of developing their own therapies, South Korea's SillaJen has signed a deal worth up to $150 million to acquire former client Jennerex and inherit the company's Phase III-ready cancer vaccine.

Korean CRO grabs failed cancer vaccine in $150M-max Jennerex buyout

A few months after Jennerex and its partner Transgene reported that their oncolytic cancer vaccine Pexa-Vec flunked a Phase IIb endpoint on overall survival in liver cancer, the private South Korean CRO SillaJen has stepped in to buy the company in a deal worth up to $150 million at the high end.

Jennerex therapy shrinks tumors in liver cancer patients

Jennerex's genetically modified smallpox vaccine shrunk tumors in liver cancer patients and extended survival by more than a year, a study shows.

PsiOxus launches human tests of cancer vaccine

PsiOxus Therapeutics began human clinical trials of its cancer vaccine ColoAd1--a highly potent anti-cancer therapeutic that destroys tumor cells at minute concentrations.

Engineered smallpox vaccine helps liver cancer patients

San Francisco-based Jennerex reported that liver cancer patients who received the high dose of the company's genetically engineered smallpox vaccine lived a median of 13.8 months versus just 6.7

Virus sent on seek-and-destroy mission against cancer

Drug-delivery technology is all about selectively killing disease while leaving healthy cells alone. Turns out, you can engineer a virus to do the same thing, according to a report in Technology

Jennerex cheered by early efficacy data for cancer-killing virus

A small, mid-stage study of Jennerex's genetically engineered virus offered some important preliminary proof-of-concept data on its ability to zero in on cancer cells with just a single infusion.

Transgene teams with Jennerex in $116M cancer pact

France's Transgene is hitching its wagon and a $116 million slate of milestones to a new collaboration with San Francisco-based Jennerex on a virus-based cancer cell-killing therapy. In the pact the

Companies explore promise of oncolytic immunity

FierceVaccines recently caught up with 2009 Fierce 15 Winner BioVex, which was born in the lab of University College London scientist Robert Coffin and later moved to Massachusetts. Dr. Coffin