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Latest Headlines

Zoonotic virus kills human melanoma cells in animal model

Using in vitro and animal models, researchers have found that vesicular stomatitis virus--a zoonotic virus in the same family as rabies--kills melanoma cells while leaving noncancerous cells virtually unscathed.

Merck nabs 'breakthrough' label for anti-melanoma drug

The designation was based on Phase Ib data that showed significant early signs of antitumor activity in some patients with aggressive cases of the deadly skin cancer.

Key biomarker measure + CT scan predict melanoma survival odds

Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center accurately gauged whether antiangiogenic treatments are working in melanoma patients by using CT imaging combined with measurements of a key biomarker.

Yervoy-Zelboraf combo trial stopped on toxicity worries

Hopes for a quick one-two punch against melanoma have hit a snag. A Phase I trial testing Bristol-Myers Squibb's Yervoy and Roche's Zelboraf in melanoma patients was stopped after signs of liver toxicity developed in several patients.

Bristol-Myers might just make a big deal, WSJ says

If AstraZeneca decides it needs a big acquisition to get out of the doldrums, it may find itself competing with Bristol-Myers Squibb. The Wall Street Journal  reports that Bristol-Myers has been kicking tires around the industry, most recently at Biogen Idec.

New melanoma mutations may give clues to how cancers spread

Researchers have pinpointed mutations in melanoma tumors in a part of the cancer genome where mutations previously have never been found, marking a milestone in how the basic science of this deadly type of cancer is understood.

Genentech cuts tape on melanoma combo trial

Roche's ($RHHBY) Genentech unit launched a new late-stage trial testing a two-drug combo in melanoma patients.

T-cell+chemo+antibody combo kills mouse melanoma tumors

Combining a new T-cell therapy with a chemotherapy drug and an antibody helped erase advanced melanoma tumors in mice, scientists at the Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and their colleagues report.

Drug combo packs punch fighting rare form of melanoma in mice

A new drug combination seems to work in mouse trials against a particular form of melanoma that lacks an otherwise viable treatment. Credit MD Anderson Cancer Center at The University of Texas, along with colleagues at Harvard Medical School and Boston University, for coming up with the breakthrough.

Marker spots the step from healthy skin to cancer

Researchers from the U.S., China and Australia have found an epigenetic marker (or rather the lack of one) that could tip off doctors to the shift from normal skin cells to melanoma, potentially allowing for better screening and earlier diagnosis and treatment. It could also give clues to the outcomes for the patients.