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Latest Headlines

Melanoma stem cells may carry provocative drug target

Melanoma stem cells are marked by a particular enzyme that could serve as a potent new target for treatment, a University of Colorado Cancer Center study concludes.

CIRM favors teamwork with $150M in new stem cell grants

Experimental stem cell treatments designed to treat Huntington's disease and spinal cord injuries are among projects set to get a piece of $150 million in new funding from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

UPDATED: Groundbreaking cancer study highlights potential immunotherapy for melanoma

Researchers have opened a new front in the war on deadly skin cancer. With their groundbreaking finding that the interleukin-9 molecule stymies melanoma growth in mice, the researchers have uncovered a potential new way to harness immune activity to combat cancer.

Polynoma's melanoma vax pushes into late-stage clinical trials

Polynoma has started a Phase III trial of its therapeutic melanoma vaccine, POL-103A, following approval from the FDA in January 2012. The trial, known as the Melanoma Antigen Vaccine Immunotherapy Study (MAVIS), will involve 1,059 patients in 14 countries across the U.S. and Europe who have Stage IIb, IIc or III melanoma and who have had surgery.

Roche's Zelboraf targeted by GSK melanoma drugs

Roche may have to circle the wagons around its targeted melanoma drug Zelboraf. Positive data on two GlaxoSmithKline melanoma treatments have analysts predicting a quick assault on market share once they're approved, possibly next year.

Carbohydrate, vaccine combination could push melanoma immunotherapy forward

Galectin Therapeutics has started treating patients with advanced disease in a Phase I/II trial to see if combining its galectin inhibitor GM-CT-01 with a peptide-based cancer vaccine developed at the Ludwig institute improves the outcome of patients with advanced metastatic melanoma.

'Designer' lymph nodes could boost cancer vaccines

Researchers at the Moffitt Cancer Center are developing "designer" lymph nodes that could be used to boost the effects of cancer vaccines.

Scancell's DNA melanoma vaccine poised for Phase II

Scancell, a U.K. spinout from the University of Nottingham, has completed recruitment for the Phase I trial of SCIB1, its therapeutic DNA vaccine for the treatment of melanoma.

Genoptix test to guide melanoma treatment decisions

Personalized medicine has been a popular topic in medical device and biopharma circles as of late. One company that has long had its eye on this area is Genoptix Medical Laboratory.  

Mayo Clinic concocts skin cancer vaccine using virus, melanoma DNA

Mayo Clinic scientists essentially used cancer cells to boost the immune system's response in order to kill cancer.