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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca, NCI tap French company to develop companion mobile app for cancer drugs

Pharma giant AstraZeneca and the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) are recruiting French digital healthcare company Voluntis to help develop a companion mobile app for women with ovarian cancer who are undergoing treatment with two of AstraZeneca's cancer drugs, building on AstraZeneca's latest moves in smart technology.

Evotec inks a $4.9M deal for oncology R&D;

German drug developer Evotec signed a 5-year, $4.9 million agreement with the National Cancer Institute to help the group build and manage its library of potential oncology drugs.

National Cancer Institute awards $2.6M to support clinical trial of cancer imaging system

The National Cancer Institute awarded a grant of $2.6 million to fund a clinical trial of Lightpoint Medical's molecular imaging technology to diagnose lymph node and gynecological cancers.

Cancer researcher says animal study supports new approach to lung cancer

Oncology investigator Xiaoyang Qi says that he's wrapped another animal study that demonstrates the potential of a combination of cellular components into a treatment that's able to vanquish cancer cells.

National Cancer Institute backs startup's hazardous drug containment device

Corvida Medical is starting a research study for its technology to safely handle hazardous drugs. It's in the process of recruiting additional cancer centers to join the multicenter study designed to evaluate improvements to its first medical device, a closed system transfer device called the Halo.

Nvidia backs projects to tap GPUs for cancer research

The Nvidia Foundation has awarded $400,000 to computational cancer projects at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Stanford University. Nvidia backed the two projects--which took an equal split of the funding--as part of an initiative to finance programs that use parallel computing to advance cancer research.

NCI sees role for feds in validating, processing wearables data

A program director at the National Cancer Institute has outlined his vision for how federal IT initiatives can help healthcare adapt to the rise of wearables and ever larger datasets. The process will begin by identifying the core analytic and IT system components all researchers need, regardless of whether they are focused on cancer, diabetes or other diseases.

ISB teams with Google for NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud project

The list of life science data projects underpinned by Google keeps getting longer. Having signed up to the BRAIN Initiative last week, Google has now teamed up with ISB and SRA International to work on a project for the National Cancer Institute.

NIH launches study of 'exceptional responders' to cancer therapies

The National Cancer Institute has launched a three to four year broad-based study of exceptional responders--patients who have had particularly good outcomes on cancer therapies as compared to their peers. The initiative was first considered a few years ago when it started to become easier to determine the molecular basis of why a particular patient's cancer responds to a molecularly targeted drug, but it is only being undertaken now.

NCI turns to Dell for pediatric cancer research project

The U.S. National Cancer Institute is working with Dell, Terascala and the Translational Genomics Research Institute to bolster its pediatric oncology research capabilities. The NCI ultimately hopes to use the new computing capabilities to discover new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for childhood cancers.