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Latest Headlines

BU induces embryonic stem cells to grow lung, thyroid progenitors in lab

Scientists engineered embryonic stem cells to grow hundreds of purified lung and thyroid progenitor cells in the lab.

NIH grabs share of Obama's new $200M bet on big data

The NIH stands to gain sizable funding from the White House's new $200 million big data initiative.

Genetic tweaking could create chlamydia vaccine

There is currently no chlamydia vaccine, but an Indiana University researcher has been given $2.3 million to try to create one.

Virtual discovery aids drug recycling

Powerful computers and digital modeling could have a hand in pointing scientists to which existing drug compounds could be recycled or "repurposed" for new uses.

NIH cancer informatics drive goes under the knife

The NIH's major cancer informatics initiative appears to be in a state of flux after a bad report card from government advisors last year.

TB vaccine in South African trials; blueprint will drive development

A new TB vaccine is expected to complete the first advanced clinical trials in South Africa in 2013. 

FDA knocks Stryker's Wingspan stent

Stryker is facing a sobering FDA report that points to the company's Wingspan stent as being more damaging than helpful in some cases and of neutral benefit in others, according to a Bloomberg story.

NIH backs effort to integrate clinical trials data into EHRs

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is part of the NIH, is joining forces with Health Level Seven International (HL7) to connect trials data with electronic health records, the group announced last month.

U.S. funding drop threatens San Diego life sciences industry

The life sciences job juggernaut in metro San Diego expanded through the ongoing economic downturn and will produce another 6,000 jobs through 2014, according to a new report. But a big drop in

Scientists keep patient's tumor, healthy cells alive in lab

For the first time, researchers can keep both an individual cancer patient's normal cells and tumor cells alive in the laboratory, according to new research led by Georgetown University Medical...