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Latest Headlines

Amgen targets Sandoz's Enbrel biosim with patent infringement suit

Amgen wants to do everything that it can to protect its best-selling RA drug Enbrel from potential biosimilar competition, and now, the company is shoring up its defenses. Amgen is suing Novartis' Sandoz unit in federal court for infringing its Enbrel patents by developing a biosimilar version of the med.  

U.K. rejects petition demanding meningitis B vaccine for all children

The U.K. rolled out its meningitis B vaccination program for babies in September, but a petition demanding that it be expanded for all children quickly gathered steam. The Department of Health rejected the petition on Wednesday, saying that offering the jab to all children would not be cost-effective.

UPDATED: Novartis' Alcon unit recalls eye drop vials over questionable sterility

F. Michael Ball, the former Hospira CEO who last month took over the top spot at Novartis' troubled Alcon unit, arrived with a lot on his plate. The division's sales are way off. It is shedding manufacturing and dealing with a recall in Japan. Now he can add to his list yet another product recall.

Novartis finds buyer to save 270 jobs at German plant

Novartis was all set to close the door on a Sandoz intermediates plant in Germany last year, thanks to some hefty competition from Asia. But now, the Swiss pharma giant has a buyer willing to take the plant--and salvage the 270 jobs that would have been chopped. 

Seqirus adding vax production facility in U.K.

It was just 6 months ago that vaccines specialist CSL closed on its $275 million buyout of Novartis' influenza vaccines operations, getting three additional plants in the process. But the company says more capacity is needed and expansion is already underway in the U.K.

ICIG acquiring Novartis intermediates plant that was set to fold

Novartis put a Sandoz intermediates plant in Germany on the chopping block last year, saying that Asian competition had eviscerated the market for its products. But the Swiss drugmaker has found a company willing to take the plant and save some of the hundreds of jobs that would have been lost.

Prosecutors raid Novartis South Korea in kickbacks probe

Novartis is facing another regulatory pickle in Asia. After a Japanese data scandal forced the company's unit there into temporary suspension last year, South Korean prosecutors have targeted the company's Seoul-based unit with a kickbacks investigation.

Novartis' blood cancer drug bags a 'breakthrough' tag on the way to FDA filing

Novartis picked up an FDA breakthrough therapy designation for its in-development treatment for blood cancer, guaranteeing the company preferred access to top regulators as it prepares to file for approval.

Novartis buys minimally invasive glaucoma surgery player to boost its Alcon eyecare unit

Changes are afoot at Novartis' struggling eyecare unit, where sales fell 13% to $2.3 billion during the previous quarter. Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez in January warned that Alcon has a "gap here that we're going to need to supplement."

Novartis takes aim at Remicade market with EU biosim rights from Pfizer

Since acquiring Hospira, Pfizer's had a pair of Remicade biosimilars on its hands. Now, it's making moves to pare that number down to one, and Novartis will be reaping the benefits.