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Latest Headlines

Nuron Biotech nabs $80M from HealthCare Royalty Partners

Just days after snagging Pfizer's ($PFE) meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia vaccine, Nuron Biotech landed an $80 million deal to further elevate its expanding porfolio of vaccines.

Nuron Biotech bags $80M deal to back vaccines portfolio, PhIII MS drug work

The investment cash has been flowing into biotechnology this week. This morning Nuron Biotech joined the parade, announcing an $80 million deal designed to boost its work expanding a portfolio of vaccines while pushing ahead on a late-stage development program for multiple sclerosis.

Nuron acquires Pfizer's meningitis vaccine

Startup Nuron Biotech acquired from Pfizer a vaccine to protect against meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia for an undisclosed amount.

Nuron buys Hib vaccine from Wyeth, plots relaunch

Exton, PA-based Nuron is paying an undisclosed sum to purchase Hib vaccine HibTITER from Pfizer's Wyeth unit. The vaccine was previously approved, but Wyeth stopped selling it several years ago after