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Latest Headlines

Ovarian cancer vax makes good start on long slog to approval

In a study trialed by the University of Pennsylvania, researchers have developed a vaccine using trial participants' own blood and tumor cells.

PsiOxus lands $2.7M for ovarian cancer vaccine trial

PsiOxus Therapeutics nabbed £1.7 million ($2.7 million) from the U.K. government-backed Biomedical Catalyst to start a Phase I/II clinical trial of its cancer vaccine.

DepoVax drug and vaccine combination cuts tumor immunosuppression

Part of the success of some cancers is that they can avoid an immune response, and this can also cut the response to vaccines. Immunovaccine is developing a comeback to this--suppress the suppression.

ImmunoCellular licenses new ovarian cancer target

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics' vaccine, ICT-140, is a cell-based vaccine in early development for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Gradalis' personalized cancer vaccine has FANGs

One of the difficulties with vaccines, particularly cancer vaccines, is knowing just which target to hit, as cancer cells, even those of the same type or from within the same tumor, can have differences in the proteins on their surfaces.

Gynecological cancer vaccine enters clinical trials

While the incidence of ovarian cancer is around a fifth of that of breast cancer, the number of deaths from the disease is about half of the more common breast cancer. Despite surgery and...

Ovarian cancer vaccine clinical trial begins enrollment

Ovarian cancer is a steady, silent killer--its diagnosis is easy to miss and there are few options to prevent recurrence after treatment. Australian biotech company Prima BioMed's vaccine, known...

PANVAC for breast, ovarian cancer shows early promise

A study of 26 women with breast and ovarian cancer found that the PANVAC vaccine helped the immune system recognize and destroy tumor cells. The trial was conducted at the Laboratory of Tumor

RXi licences ovarian cancer vax

Worcester, MA-based RXi Pharmaceuticals has licensed an ovarian cancer vaccine from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military

Prima BioMed to raise cash for ovarian cancer vaccine trial

Australia's Prima BioMed plans to raise AU$38 million to fund late-stage trials of CVac, an immunotherapy ovarian cancer vaccine designed to be administered post-surgery and post-chemotherapy to