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Latest Headlines

USTR IP watch list heavy on countries in Asia with China and India noted

Once again, more than half of the countries on the U.S. Trade Representative's Priority Watch List for insufficient intellectual-property protection are in Asia. Four other Asia countries also were named to the Watch List as being of lesser concern.

Counterfeit drugs ex-U.S. see four Asian nations atop the list

Take the United States out of the mix and the Asia nations of China, India, Pakistan and Japan were the four nations in the world with the most counterfeit drugs in 2013. That means, according to an expert, that the continent's residents are at a greater risk.

Pakistan's new drug pricing policy to cut some costs by one-third

Pakistan's minister in charge of drug pricing confirmed at a news conference a new policy would reduce the costs of some drugs by as much as 30%, but said no changes would become effective before June 30, 2016.

Drugmakers fall in line with Pakistani government's price-cutting plans

SINGAPORE-- Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry reportedly has decided to step aside and cease opposition to a government plan to force down the price of certain drugs marketed in the country as of July 1, 2016.

Pakistan struggles to fill top spot at drug regulator as woes mount for industry

SINGAPORE-- Sometimes it must seem to Pakistan's health authorities they can do nothing right in regulating the nation's pharmaceutical industry.

Pakistan's proposed drug-pricing policy, two years in the making, satisfies no one

SINGAPORE-- More than two years in the making, Pakistan's proposed new drug-pricing policy still hasn't won over drugmakers. The country's health ministry proffered a draft that would peg prices to those in India and Bangladesh, with generic prices at 30% less, on average, than the brand price in those neighboring countries.

CIA abandons use of vaccine programs for spying

Polio is on the rise in Pakistan, in part because of fears that Western vaccine workers there could be doubling as spies. But according to the CIA, that should no longer be a concern.

How vaccines helped India defeat polio while Pakistan became a reservoir for the virus

In 2002 India suffered 1,599 cases of polio, 17 times more than Pakistan experienced that year. Yet a little more than one decade later India has eradicated polio, while a city in Pakistan is being called the world's "largest reservoir" of the virus.

Taliban anti-vaccine push raises risk of polio outbreak

Polio has reportedly crippled dozens of children in Pakistan over the past 6 months. For now, these outbreaks are contained, but with authorities finding the polio virus in sewage samples in major cities, there are fears the disease will spread.

Inertia at Pakistan's NIH threatening vaccine programs

Recruiting for vacant senior positions is a balancing act between identifying the ideal person and hiring quickly to avoid a power vacuum. Pakistan's National Institutes of Health (NIH) seems to be struggling to find this balance. Its search for an executive director is now in its fifth year.