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Latest Headlines

Invitrogen gets breast cancer test approval

Invitrogen has won FDA approval of a test that can determine whether a woman with breast cancer will benefit from Genentech's Herceptin. The SPOT-Light test, as it is known, uses a DNA probe for the

Expert forecasts revolution in drug dev. work

In the not too distant future drug development work will be revolutionized by new computer technology that will "test" experimental therapies on virtual humans, says a new report from

Perlegen, 454 to study drug response

Perlegen Sciences and 454 Life Sciences (now owned by Roche) have teamed up to conduct large scale genetic re-sequencing

Genetic test seen as big step to personalized meds

A few weeks ago, the FDA roiled the scientific community  with its decision

Molecular diagnostics firm gains $34M in VC

Amsterdam-based Agendia, a molecular diagnostics company, has raised $34 million in its fourth venture round, adding ING to its list of backers. Current investors Van Herk Biotech, Gilde Healthcare

Houston hospital launches bioinformatics project

The Methodist Hospital in Houston made a multimillion-dollar commitment when it wooed bioinformatics expert Stephen Wong from Harvard. Wong is the founding director of The Center of Bioinformatics