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Latest Headlines

Nasdaq-listed Sinovac gets China FDA nod for Sabin polio trials

Nasdaq-listed vaccinemaker Sinovac Biotech won a China FDA nod for human clinical trials of its Sabin inactivated polio vaccine candidate, with a formal start expected in the first half of 2016.

Sanofi, Shantha to supply polio vaccines for India's universal immunization scheme

India will join more than 110 countries that have introduced the inactivated polio vaccine to their calendars. Sanofi and its Indian affiliate, Shantha Biotechnics, will supply polio vaccines to the Indian government via UNICEF. The vaccines will be used in India's universal immunization program.

Vaccine-derived polio case raises ugly head in Laos

An 8-year-old boy in Laos died in September from a case of vaccine-derived polio, the World Health Organization reported, the latest in a series of setbacks to worldwide efforts to wipe out the disease, according to a  Reuters  report. Other instances of vaccine-derived polio have been reported in Ukraine and Mali as well.

Gates Foundation, WHO fund synthetic polio vaccine development

Only a few hundred cases of polio are reported each year, but a synthetic vaccine could be the key to eradicate it for good. Scientists are teaming up to develop a synthetic vaccine in an effort to address some limitations of the existing oral vaccine.

China approves world's first inactivated Sabin polio vaccine

China's FDA has green-lighted the world's first Sabin strain inactivated polio vaccine--and a locally produced one, at that.

World's first inactivated Sabin polio vaccine approved by China FDA

China's FDA has awarded marketing approval of the world's first Sabin strain inactivated polio vaccine, marking a milestone as well for the Institute of Medical Biology of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Accidental poliovirus dump adds to GSK's production woes

Having begun the month by revealing new problems at its Canadian flu vaccine plant and followed that up with a fine for violating the U.S. Clean Air Act last week, GSK has now accidentally dumped live poliovirus into the Belgian sewer system.

Vaxxas' nanopatch garners WHO support in search of polio vax application

Australian nanopatch developer Vaxxas signed on with the World Health Organization this week in an effort to co-opt the company's patch for use with the polio vaccine. The WHO will help fund the research and move it through preclinical and clinical studies as the organization seeks to make polio a thing of the past.

Extra dose of inactivated polio vaccine provides greater protection in children

As polio flare-ups in central Asia, the Middle East and Central Africa continue, a new study suggests that an extra dose of the inactivated polio vaccine could further protect children under 5 years old in high-risk countries.

CIA abandons use of vaccine programs for spying

Polio is on the rise in Pakistan, in part because of fears that Western vaccine workers there could be doubling as spies. But according to the CIA, that should no longer be a concern.