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Latest Headlines

Study reconfirms safety of flu vaccine in pregnant women

Research in the journal  Obstetrics and Gynecology  found that 74,000 pregnant women who received a flu shot, in any trimester, were no more likely to experience pregnancy complications.

Fetus secretes hormone that could flag preeclampsia risk

The hormone adrenomedullin is secreted by the fetus during pregnancy and appears to keep pregnant women from developing preeclampsia. And they believe it could become an effective biomarker to help pinpoint patients more likely to develop the dangerous condition.

New needle-free blood Dx targets anemia in India

An engineer in India has come up with an inexpensive needle free blood diagnostic that can help cheaply diagnose anemia, the Mumbai Mirror reports.

Flu shot cuts preterm births

Most women are careful about what drugs they take or what treatments they have while they are pregnant, but the H1N1 swine flu shot given during pregnancy seems to have an added bonus: a lower risk of stillbirths or premature births, and a lower number of very small babies born.