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Latest Headlines

Cancer vaccine developers bask in Provenge limelight

Now that Dendreon has completed its victory lap following Thursday's high-profile approval for Provenge, the spotlight has inevitably shifted to the other cancer vaccines in the pipeline. "It sets

The Twitter newsroom is packed with biopharma writers

After I had just finished wrapping up my daily missive from FierceBiotech yesterday, a tweet caught my eye at the corner of the screen. @adamfeuerstein from TheStreet had just picked up the first

Dendreon: Provenge to cost $93K for full course of treatment

One of the most pressing questions analysts and patients have had about Provenge is how much Dendreon would charge for its newly approved prostate cancer drug. Following this afternoon's conference

FDA approves Dendreon's breakthrough cancer vaccine Provenge

The FDA has approved Dendreon's Provenge, a breakthrough cancer vaccine that promises to extend the lives of prostate cancer victims by several months. Widely seen as a likely blockbuster with a cost

Dendreon plays waiting game as Provenge deadline looms

Sometime by the end of tomorrow, the FDA should deliver its final decision on Dendreon's (NASDAQ: DNDN) Provenge, a potential breakthrough therapeutic cancer vaccine. (The official deadline is on

Biotech watchers on high alert for Provenge decision

Just about every biotech analyst on the planet knows that the FDA is facing a May 1 deadline for a decision on Dendreon's Provenge. As that's a Saturday, we're likely to hear about a final decision

How much is too much to pay for Provenge?

With Dendreon's hotly anticipated prostate cancer drug Provenge on the doorstep of FDA approval, the company now must answer a tough question: How much can they charge for a drug that extends

Researchers see cancer vaccine revolution on the horizon

There are already several cancer vaccine drugs nearing FDA approval. Dendreon's prostate cancer vaccine Provenge is awaiting the agency's OK, and Merck KGaA's Stimuvax is in trials for multiple

A blockbuster FDA deadline looms and Dendreon shares turn red-hot

With the FDA's deadline on a final decision regarding Dendreon's Provenge less than a month away, investors have made the Seattle-based biotech's stock one of this month's hottest plays. Earlier

Dendreon tripling workforce ahead of expected vax launch

Over the years Seattle-based Dendreon made a global name for itself as it developed one of the world's first therapeutic vaccines. It's also advanced the careers of scores of biotech executives who