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Dendreon shares gyrate on Provenge panel rumor

Shares of Dendreon sank 5 percent in pre-market trading after investors got word of a note from Elliot Favus of Favus Institutional Research claiming that his firm had been in contact with physicians

Who's up for a big FDA approval decision in the first half?

Few events can move a biotech stock quite like an FDA decision on a new drug app. And given the agency's rep for somewhat unpredictable behavior, there's no such thing as a sure thing. All of which

Dendreon files Provenge BLA

Earlier this week, Dendreon completed its revised BLA for Provenge, taking another big step along the road to marketing a new prostate cancer therapy. Dendreon beat its own timetable and hopes to

Dendreon files BLA for Provenge

Seattle-based Dendreon (DNDN) has filed for FDA approval of the prostate cancer drug Provenge, taking another big step as it builds the framework for a national distribution system for the new

Dendreon blueprints $70M Provenge facility in Atlanta

Seattle-based Dendreon has yet to get FDA marketing approval for Provenge, a next-gen therapeutic cancer vaccine, but the company has confidently blueprinted plans to build a $70 million

Dendreon scouting Atlanta for major manufacturing complex

With an NDA looming for its closely watched prostate cancer drug Provenge, Seattle-based Dendreon is scouting sites in Atlanta for an advanced, $80 million manufacturing site that could employ more

Dendreon CEO predicts an FDA approval for cancer vax

Dendreon CEO Mitchell Gold has had two years to study the FDA's rejection of Provenge back in 2007. Over that period Dendreon has patiently pieced together a positive set of new data supporting the

Dendreon shares bounce on late-stage Provenge data

Shares of Dendreon went on a wild roller coaster ride yesterday, first plunging dramatically and then soaring back up after the company released new data demonstrating that its prostate cancer

Dendreon reveals Provenge data at AARC meeting

At the annual AARC meeting, Dendreon unveiled more Provenge data following the announcement of a successful trial last week. Researchers say Provenge induces long-term memory immune responses that

Analysts scamper to catch up to Provenge news

Dendreon has been alternately hammered and smothered with love by market analysts as its cancer vaccine Provenge wound its way through Phase III. But the developer's sunny view of its Phase III data