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Latest Headlines

Sanofi's fight for Toujeo market share won't be easy, analysts say

Sanofi has its second diabetes approval in as many months: Toujeo, its long-acting follow-up to the megablockbuster Lantus. It's a big moment for the French drugmaker and its diabetes franchise, which needs the new drugs to perform, and quickly, to cushion the blow from forthcoming Lantus biosimilars.

FDA OKs Sanofi's Toujeo. Will a diabetes drug price war follow?

Sanofi has received the FDA marketing approval it badly needed for the long-acting basal insulin Toujeo, a product designed to preserve its multibillion-dollar franchise revenue from Lantus. But at least one prominent analyst was quick to question its impact, noting that the label will offer little compelling reason for a switch from the established market blockbuster. And that is likely to set up some early price discounting that will further roil the huge and growing diabetes market for all the key players.

Indonesia turns to Bio Farma to ramp up vaccines output as health spending soars

Indonesia has long been active in providing vaccines to other developing countries, but now finds itself in a bind and turning to its state-owned and century-old pharmaceutical company, Bio Farma, to solve the nation's own growing need for vaccines.

New Sanofi chief's €4M signing bonus 'incomprehensible' to French officials

Olivier Brandicourt has been Sanofi's official CEO pick for just 4 days, and already he's in the midst of a controversy. It's all about his pay package, which is generous in European terms, but not unusual in the ranks of global pharma executives.

Exclusive: Regeneron, Sanofi outline promising PhIIb data for top blockbuster pick dupilumab

Regeneron and its close partner Sanofi have posted another set of promising results for dupilumab--which targets the interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 inflammatory proteins--from a Phase IIb study that backs up those high expectations.

Sanofi's got a new CEO. Now what?

Sanofi has made official what's no longer news, trotting out Olivier Brandicourt as its next chief executive. Stepping in on April 2, the experienced Frenchman inherits a wealth of commercial challenges, a quixotic relationship with local regulators and a make-or-break pipeline the company believes can bring in $38 billion over 5 years.

Sanofi makes it official--Brandicourt is its man

Sanofi confirmed the rumors today, naming Paris-trained Olivier Brandicourt its new CEO. Brandicourt, who the French drugmaker stole away from the top pharma spot at Bayer HealthCare, will assume the mantle on April 2.

Sanofi beefs up its autoimmune pipeline with a biotech deal

Sanofi has inked a discovery-stage agreement in hopes of developing a fleet of new autoimmune disease treatments, homing in on a novel pathway alongside a Dutch biotech.

Genzyme touts postmarket study of Cerdelga, the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease

Rare disease specialist Genzyme talked up the results of a study published in  The Journal of the American Medical Association  concluding that the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease reduced spleen size 28% compared to placebo after 9 months.

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