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Latest Headlines

Established product sales lacking in pharma's whopper M&A year

2014 may have been a banner year in pharma M&A, but for companies looking to sell off their portfolios of aging meds, it wasn't quite big enough.

Sanofi's Plump tapped to head Takeda R&D from Cambridge base

The new president at Takeda has raided Sanofi for its new head of global R&D. And they're putting their new top scientist in Cambridge, MA, which is becoming the world headquarters of drug research for much of the pharma industry.

Sanofi's newly approved intradermal quadrivalent Fluzone forgoes the shot

The FDA approved Sanofi's Fluzone Intradermal Quadrivalent in adults age 18 through 64.

Study: Universal dengue vaccine may be possible thanks to antibody discovery

So far, Sanofi's dengue candidate, the furthest along in the clinic, has struggled to ward off all four dengue viruses. But now, researchers have discovered new antibodies that could lead to a vaccine that does just that.

Sanofi, Regeneron lay groundwork for PCSK9 rollout with Cholesterol Counts campaign

No question that the marketing people at Sanofi are excited about alirocumab, the next-generation cholesterol drug that's expected to make its debut next year. Analysts are talking about multibillion-dollar sales, and recent trial data--not just from Sanofi and its partner Regeneron--may build optimism even further.

Sanofi adds another quadrivalent to its quiver with Fluzone Intradermal approval

Last year, Sanofi's fourth-quarter flu vaccine sales soared on the introduction of a quadrivalent contender, surging more than 94%. Now, looking to keep that growth coming, the company is adding another four-strain shot to the mix.

Sanofi chairman hints at animal health deals, sending Zoetis shares soaring

On Wednesday, Sanofi Chairman and acting CEO Serge Weinberg told the German publication Handelsblatt that the company is looking for growth in its veterinary products unit--and that the expansion could come in the form of acquisitions.

Deals 'R' Us, says Sanofi chairman, pegging consumer, animal health for buys

Sanofi knows the pharma world is wondering what happens next, what with former CEO Chris Viehbacher riding off into the sunset. That's why Chairman and acting CEO Serge Weinberg is giving interviews these days. And according to his latest with Handelsblatt, the French drugmaker is shopping for deals in some steady-but-slower fields.

Rare disease could be the gateway to billions for PCSK9 drugs

About 1.5 million Americans suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia, an inherited disease that leads to dangerously high cholesterol, and they're likely to be the first targets for a new class of drugs that promise to bring in blockbuster sales.

Sanofi Chairman says French tax burden a killer for attracting execs

Sanofi Chairman Serge Weinberg, who must replace Chris Viehbacher after ousting the outspoken CEO, has publicly expressed his own exasperation with France, saying its high taxes have made it hard to attract talent.