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Sanofi punts a $200M Ardelyx deal and hands back some preclinical drugs

Sanofi is backing out of a collaboration with Ardelyx that could have paid out nearly $200 million, returning a handful of candidate treatments for high phosphates in patients with kidney disease.

Sanofi buys into Google's biotech future, pairing up in diabetes

Sanofi is lending its weight to Google's ambitions in life sciences, joining the tech giant's recently unleashed healthcare division in hopes of developing new technologies to help manage diabetes.

No change in CV risk for ACS patients on Sanofi's Lyxumia

Back in June, researchers unveiled details of the ELIXA trial, which put Sanofi's Lyxumia in the clear as far as cardiovascular safety risks go. Now, a new analysis of the study shows that in Type 2 patients with acute coronary syndrome, the diabetes med didn't increase the rate of cardiovascular events--but it didn't decrease it, either.

Google pairs with Sanofi for diabetes monitoring collaboration

Google is teaming up with French drugmaker Sanofi for a diabetes monitoring collaboration, furthering the tech giant's foray into medical devices and its commitment to developing innovative products for the disease.

Repatha vs. Praluent matchup has Amgen, Sanofi zeroing in on key details

Last Thursday's FDA approval for Amgen's PCSK9 competitor, Repatha, kicked off a head-to-head contest between that med and recently green-lighted Praluent from Sanofi and Regeneron. And with the newcomers bearing similar labels, both Sanofi and Amgen are counting on their legacies to give them a leg up in the marketplace.

Bristol-Myers, Sanofi catch a break in Plavix marketing case

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi scored a victory in a False Claims Act marketing case over its blood-thinner, Plavix, as a federal judge in New Jersey tossed out some allegations from a former Sanofi sales rep that the company made misleading statements about the med to gain more Medicare and Medicare coverage.

Sanofi adds its sales heft to Relypsa's forthcoming patiromer launch

Sanofi has signed up to help Relypsa bring its lead drug patiromer to market. The treatment for hyperkalemia, pegged as a $1.4 billion blockbuster by analysts, is due for an FDA thumbs-up in October.

The top 5 vaccine makers by 2014 revenue

A recent EvaluatePharma analysis predicts that the top four vaccine makers by 2020 are expected to be within less than one percentage point of market share from each other, and last year's developments in the field may have set the stage for that contest. Here, we break down the top 5 vaccines producers of 2014.

Sanofi takes another stab at cancer with Evotec, Apeiron checkpoint partnership

Three days ago Sanofi expanded its tight R&D relationship with Evotec to take on cell-replacement treatments for diabetes. And the pharma giant picked up this morning where it left off, adding an immuno-oncology pact with Evotec that also brings Austria's Apeiron Biologics into the mix.

Sanofi launches fast-acting, high-concentration insulin med Toujeo in the U.K.

A longer-acting version of the world's best-selling diabetes drug is now available in the U.K. Sanofi announced the availability of the long-acting basal insulin med Toujeo in the country. Containing 300 units of insulin glargine per milliliter, the drug is a three times more concentrated reformulation of the company's blockbuster Lantus, which had revenues of about $7 billion last year.