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Latest Headlines

Sources: Sanofi tells unions a 25% gain at French production sites is needed

Very public run-ins between ex-Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher and France's powerful unions were one factor that reportedly cost him his job. Now his replacement, Olivier Brandicourt, will see if he can do any better as he tries to negotiate a deal to significantly boost efficiencies at the company's French production sites.

Sanofi looking for big efficiency gains at French plants

Sanofi's new CEO, Olivier Brandicourt, warned union workers in June that for the company to grow its French manufacturing operations, they needed to get more efficient, but he didn't say by how much. They need to improve a lot, it turns out.

Allegheny General Hospital joins Sanofi's Cdiffense PhIII trial

The race to a Clostridium difficile vaccine has been dominated by Big Pharmas Sanofi and Pfizer, whose candidates were fast-tracked by the FDA in 2010 and 2014, respectively. Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh announced on Wednesday that it will participate in Phase III trials for Sanofi's investigational vaccine.

Sanofi puts Allegra plant in U.S. back up for sale

Sanofi decided several years ago that it would shutter a plant in the Kansas City, MO, area after attempts to sell it turned up no deal. But with less than a year left before it is slated to close, the French drugmaker is giving the sales route another shot and has put the 690,000-square-foot facility back on the market.

Sanofi offers some data that might help Aubagio as it chases market share

Sanofi's multiple sclerosis pill Aubagio has been an also-ran behind established drugs like Teva's Copaxone and newer drugs like Biogen's Tecfidera. But the French drugmaker has not given up on it and today released data that might give it a new opening even as the MS market is shifting.

Merial CEO Hellmann on eliminating rabies and reinventing disease prevention

When rumors emerged in late September that Sanofi might be considering spinning off its high-flying animal health division, Merial, the unit's CEO, Carsten Hellmann, didn't let the media attention distract him from his mission. "In the last couple of quarters, Merial has been doing very well. We're growing fast, and that's what I'm focusing on right now," Hellmann said.

Discounts make room for both Sanofi, Amgen's PCSK9 meds on Express Scripts' top formulary

At Express Scripts, both Sanofi and Regeneron's Praluent and Amgen's Repatha scored a spot on the preferred formulary, which gives both PCSK9 products a chance to snare the pharmacy benefits manager's patients.

Sold on diabetes tech, Joslin tests mobile app for Type 1 patients

Back in August, Sanofi and the Joslin Diabetes Center announced they would team up with Google for a patient monitoring collaboration aimed at helping people with diabetes better manage their condition. Now Joslin is flying solo for its latest project, planning to launch a trial of a mobile app for Type 1 diabetes patients.

Sanofi steps deeper into RNAi work, opts in on Alnylam hemophilia drug

Sanofi cautiously waded deeper into RNAi development waters this week, following up on last year's big $700 million buy-in at Alnylam. The pharma giant's Boston subsidiary, Genzyme Sanofi, has picked up some regional rights to the hemophilia treatment ALN-AT3, setting up a complicated set of next steps as Sanofi juggles just what it will opt into and where it wants to leap into commercialization.

Citing cost, top doctors back limits on PCSK9 cholesterol fighters

Payers unhappy with the cost of new PCSK9 drugs are getting some ammo, as top U.S. physicians are recommending against using the drugs in a large patient pool.