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Latest Headlines

South Korea's MERS outbreak raises SARS-like regional health response

Governments in Asia are acutely sensitive about the possible wider spread of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) for good reason--many of them learned the lesson of not acting quickly in 2002 and 2003 when severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) hit economies from Hong Kong to Singapore as China originally underplayed the initial cases.

Taiwan recalls Y.F. Chemical sodium chloride products on new contamination events

Taiwan's Y.F. Chemical faces further sanctions from the country's food and drug authority, which has ordered it to pull all sodium chloride solution products and keep production shut after contamination was found to cause adverse reactions in at least a dozen patients, Xinhua reported.

Taiwan's PharmaEngine submits NDA at home for MM-398 pancreatic cancer candidate

Taiwan's PharmaEngine submitted a New Drug Application to the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration for MM-398 to treat patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

Taiwan recalls batches of injectable sodium chloride made by Y.F. Chemical

Taiwanese authorities issued a nationwide advisory to hospitals to avoid certain batches of injectable sodium chloride made by Y.F. Chemical, a move that followed a spate of over-the-counter drug recalls in April.

JHL says batch of oncology monoclonal antibody a 'milestone' in CMO efforts

JHL Biotech said it has successfully completed the GMP manufacture and lot release of its first 500-liter scale batch from its Taiwan facility for a privately held Chinese biotech company of its unspecified oncology monoclonal antibody product for use in Phase I clinical trials in Australia.

JHL Biotech raises $45.6M in Series C funding for biosimilar aims

JHL Biotech, focused on biosimilar programs through clinical trials, said it closed on a Series C fundraising of $45.6 million under existing investor Milestone Capital and with new investors Sungent BioVenture and Liwick Investment Management.

Taiwan device maker Apex invests in India and plans more

Apex Medical, a major Taiwan medical device maker, said it plans to invest at least $15.7 million in India to develop and market three of its product lines: respiratory, autoclaves and support services.

Second OTC drug recall within a week in Taiwan

Taiwan drug authorities issued their second drug recall within a week for use of lower-grade ingredients in over-the-counter drugs, this time targeting 23 products of 19 Taiwan companies.

Japan drugmakers eye Kanji translations, website for Chinese buyers

Japan drug makers are about to get a way to translate their over-the-counter labels and dosage instructions into Chinese as a protection and service primarily for visitors from China and Taiwan.

ASLAN's Carl Firth on Taiwan's biotech momentum and valuations

Taiwan's momentum as a biotech clinical trials hub in Asia remains strong, but valuations for listed biotech firms may not yet reflect a wide smart money view on eventual commercial prospects, according to Carl Firth, the CEO of Aslan Pharmaceuticals.