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Latest Headlines

Clinical failure for Merck KGaA's cancer vaccine dents subpopulation hopes

Back in 2012, researchers flagged some positive results for patient subgroups in a flunked trial of Merck KGaA's cancer vaccine. But now, the vaccine has hit another snag, failing to hit its primary endpoint--as well as three secondary endpoints--in a Japanese trial, partner Oncothyreon said Monday in an SEC filing.

Merck KGaA's cancer vaccine endures another clinical failure

Tecemotide, Merck KGaA's 9-lived cancer vaccine, has flunked another clinical trial, missing its main goal in a Japanese study and casting further doubts on the program's future.

Merck KGaA doubles down on Oncothyreon's failed cancer vaccine

Shares of Oncothyreon soared this morning after its partner Merck KGaA said it would take a second swipe at trying to find some value in Stimuvax, the cancer vaccine (now renamed tecemotide) that has already decisively flunked a Phase III trial.