Tuberculosis Vaccine

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Latest Headlines

Protein could lead to better TB vaccine

The current vaccine for tuberculosis uses a bovine version of the disease to protect humans who've contracted the illness. It provides some protection but is not entirely effective. However,

Promising protein may yield TB vax

Researchers found hope in the quest for a new, more effective tuberculosis vaccine in the form of a protein. According to scientists in the UK, the EspC protein showed more promising results than the

Emergent facility to work on TB, typhoid vaccines

Emergent BioSolutions plans to renovate a 55,000-square-foot facility. The facility isn't slated to open until 2012; however, upon its completion, the expansion will not only give Emergent more space

Studies show need for TB research

Standardizing the approach to tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment that is recommended by the World Health Organization allowed more than 36 million people to be cured between 1995 and 2008, averting

Archivel touts vax for latent TB

Spain's Archivel Farma is testing a therapeutic vaccine that could help in the fight against latent tuberculosis. The treatment, called RUTI, is being tested in conjunction with an antibiotic and is

Researchers target first new TB vax in decades

After years of inattention, health officials are preparing an ambitious set of field trials for the first new tuberculosis vaccine since 1920. And health officials in Uganda, where the vaccine will

Scientists successful in early-stage TB vax trial

An experimental vaccine for tuberculosis has passed Phase I testing, a significant step that may have an impact on the entire field of developing TB jabs. Researchers at Oxford in England say that

Researchers develop recombinant TB vax

Researchers at Saint Louis University have developed a vaccine for tuberculosis that may offer better protection than the one currently in use. The investigational vaccine is made from a weakened TB

Crucell reports early-stage success with TB vaccine

Shares of Crucell jumped after the developer announced that an early-stage trial of an experimental tuberculosis vaccine demonstrated a promising immune response in volunteers. The Dutch biotech is

Sanofi licenses technology for new TB vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur has struck a licensing deal with the Statens Serum Institut of Denmark covering the use of its technology for a new tuberculosis vaccine. The pact includes SSI's Intercell IC31