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Latest Headlines

BiondVax pairs with NIAID to test universal flu vaccine in U.S. PhII

Last week saw two developments by players large and small in a universal flu vaccine race that's heating up. Now, Israel-based BiondVax is following up with some news of its own: It's partnering with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to test its candidate in the U.S.

FluGen reels in $12M to fund PhI of its universal flu jab

A day after two high-profile organizations announced successful animal results for their own universal flu vaccine, Madison, WI-based FluGen announced a $12 million Series A round to fund the development of its candidate in the race.

J&J;, Scripps Research Institute test 'universal' flu vaccine in mice, monkeys

The NIAID may have posted 94% efficacy in mice for its investigational "universal" flu vaccine, but The Scripps Research Institute and partner Johnson & Johnson are hot on its heels.

Pandemic leads researchers to universal flu vaccine 'blueprint'

Human immune systems were ill-prepared for the swine flu virus that spread across the globe in 2009. The lack of pre-existing immunity left people vulnerable but, researchers wondered, was everyone equally unprotected? Answering this question has led to a 'blueprint' for a universal flu vaccine.

Visterra advances universal flu antibody to cusp of Phase I

Massachusetts-based biotech Visterra is preparing to move its universal influenza therapy into the clinic.

Pandemic immune response hints at potential universal flu vaccine

The search for a universal flu vaccine has focused on the stem of the lollipop-shaped hemagglutinin of the influenza virus. While the composition of the head changes, the stem is fairly constant from strain to strain. New data shows the body takes advantage of this fact too.

UPDATED: NIH makes progress on universal flu vaccine

A universal flu vaccine is the holy grail of influenza immunizations. The yearly process of making educated guesses about the upcoming flu season would end, replaced by a vaccine for many of the strains. It is a massive challenge, but one that Sanofi and others have taken up.

Inovio makes steps toward a universal flu vax

Inovio Pharmaceuticals thinks it is a step closer to the prize with a universal avian flu vax that has triggered protective responses against 6 h5N1 virus in one go in a Phase I clinical trial.

Swine flu vax could offer universal flu protection

Researchers in Canada are touting a 2009 swine flu shot as a potential route to a universal vaccine that could target all forms of influenza, according to data published in Frontiers of Immunology.

Universal vaccine could cut flu across the whole community

Many vaccines do more than just protect individual vaccinated people. They also protect the whole community through what is known as "herd immunity" by cutting the number of sick people...