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Latest Headlines

Vax nanopatch offers stick-on alternative to a needle

During the next pandemic, people may be able to get their vaccines delivered in the mail rather than having to wait in line for a jab. Prof. Mark Kendall of the Australian Institute for Biotechnology

Medicago makes a case for revolutionizing vaccine production

The recent swine flu pandemic turned out to be considerably milder than first anticipated, but it turned a blinding light on the time it still takes to get a new vaccine approved and in production.

Professor's new chip delivers vaccines without the pain

After a six-year quest, a Japanese scientist at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University has unveiled a small chip designed to deliver vaccines without breaking the skin--or causing any pain. Kanji Takada

PATH pays FDA for vax development

The nonprofit group PATH is seeking help from the FDA to develop a vaccine against diseases caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, which kills almost 1 million children each year. And the

Sanofi licenses technology for new TB vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur has struck a licensing deal with the Statens Serum Institut of Denmark covering the use of its technology for a new tuberculosis vaccine. The pact includes SSI's Intercell IC31