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Latest Headlines

Mylan launches Sovaldi in India, easing CL concerns

Generic drug companies Dr Reddy's Laboratories and Natco Pharma gained more than 2% on Monday as Mylan said its Indian unit will start sales of Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400) in India, a move that diminishes the likelihood of compulsory licensing of the drug as generic copies have already been licensed to local companies.

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech gets WHO clearance for Ebola diagnostic kit

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech's diagnostic reagent for ebolavirus has been cleared by the World Health Organization for its list of recommended drugs and devices. The China company's diagnostic kit is the third approved by WHO for Ebola.

China's artemisinin-based malaria therapy gets a big hand

China got international plaudits on the recent World Malaria Day not so much for handling its own cases of the disease but for providing the world with what one expert called "the best" treatment, artemisinin-based combination therapies.

Vietnam-made vaccines WHO-cleared for export

Vietnam has become the 39th nation cleared for global exports of the vaccines it makes, joining an increasingly crowded field of local champions to multinational heavyweights. The World Health Organization gave that clearance recently for a country that expects to be a leading producer within the next 20 to 30 years.

WHO calls for easy linking of bibliographic databases to trial registries

The World Health Organization has updated its position on the disclosure of clinical trial data. Having advocated greater use of registries back in 2005, WHO now wants to see the establishment of a more integrated IT system that includes data from new and old clinical trials.

Deadly flu outbreak in Hong Kong gathers pace, prompting vaccination push

Hong Kong health authorities now count at least 306 deaths from seasonal influenza this year, surpassing the 299 deaths attributed to the 2003 outbreak of SARS that echoed around the world, prompting a new vaccination push.

Lancet study warns virulent malaria strain may spread rapidly in Southeast Asia

A newly published study warns that Southeast Asia could soon see a spread of virulent new strains of drug-resistant malaria that already have spread much faster than experts had expected.

WHO approves MenAfriVac for routine infant immunization in sub-Saharan Africa

The affordable meningitis A vaccine, MenAfriVac, has been given to millions of people in Africa's so-called "meningitis belt," and is about to be administered to even more. The World Health Organization approved the shot, previously approved for people aged one to 29, for use in the routine immunization of infants less than one year old in sub-Saharan Africa.

WHO calls on drug industry, governments to get Ebola therapies to patients

In a desperate attempt to control the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the World Health Organization is appealing to drug companies and international regulatory bodies to work together to get experimental therapies and vaccines out of the lab and into the clinic as soon as possible.

Glaxo quietly edges toward Ebola vaccine but clinical barriers remain

As Africa continues to experience the most severe Ebola outbreak in the disease's short history, the World Health Organization has deemed it ethical to offer unregistered interventions as potential treatments or preventive therapies, including investigational vaccines.