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Latest Headlines

Bristol-Myers' Yervoy hopes snag on flubbed prostate cancer trial

Bristol-Myers Squibb has hit a speed bump in the road to new uses for its melanoma treatment Yervoy. The drug fell short in a prostate cancer trial, by failing to significantly extend patients' lives. But some of the study data could signal good news from another ongoing test of Yervoy in prostate cancer,  Reuters  reports.

Australia to track Yervoy patients to see if it's worth the $110K price

Australia is paying for Bristol-Myers Squibb's melanoma drug Yervoy. And Yervoy is expensive. So, Australian officials plan to monitor patients treated with it to see whether the drug lives up to its promise. It's an unusual move--and unprecedented in Australia.

Top 20 orphan drugs by 2018

For a long time, pharma companies have looked to large disease populations as the biggest potential revenue streams. But those days are long gone. That perception has shifted, especially with the prescription drug market stagnating in the U.S. and Europe. Orphan drugs--pharmaceutical treatments for rare diseases or disorders--have proven themselves as viable moneymakers, and the industry has taken note. Read the report >>

UPDATED: ASCO: Bayer's Nexavar gets boost, while Roche's Avastin reports mixed

Here's a roundup of news on approved drugs from this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, comprising highlights from FierceBiotech 's weekend coverage as well as recent releases.

Merck's 'breakthrough' PD-1 cancer drug in showdown with Bristol-Myers combo

Merck's team arrived at ASCO with some solid positive data backing their melanoma program for lambrolizumab (MK-3475). The pharma giant is readying a pair of late-stage clinical trials for melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer as they set their sights on completing a speedy set of applications for regulators.

ASCO presentations portend future shock of immunotherapy drug prices

This weekend a slate of biopharma companies will be presenting new data at ASCO, underscoring the big new role that immunotherapy drugs will be playing in the fight against cancer.

Analysts tap the next big thing in biopharma R&D

Just a year or two ago, analysts and investors were in a frenzy over the frantic race to develop a new set of hepatitis C drugs that promised to change the standard of care. Now, as the leaders in that race approach the first round of likely marketing approvals, a new R&D competition has grabbed analysts' feverish attention as the next big thing in biopharma. And the leading players in this field may once again be betting on a mega-blockbuster payoff.

Bristol-Myers edges ahead in race to develop first blockbuster PD-1 cancer drug

Bristol-Myers Squibb has emerged, at least temporarily, as the leader in a race to develop the first new PD-1 drug to fight cancer.

New Bristol-Myers drug growth cushions plummeting Plavix sales

Bristol-Myers Squibb's first-quarter earnings dropped 44%, on a 27% decline in sales. Fortunately, the $3.83 billion revenue line was only slightly worse than analysts expected, given generic competition for blockbuster heart drugs Avapro and Plavix.

Which drugs are the biggest duds in blockbuster-land?

EvaluatePharma researchers totted up sales for the last 5 years' worth of analysts' blockbuster picks--and found plenty of bad bets.