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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Atlantic Healthcare closes $24M round and gains Salix founder as new CSA

Atlantic Healthcare has raised $24 million in its latest financing, with the founders of Salix Pharmaceuticals and Clinigen Group stumping up much of the cash and Dr. Lorin Johnson joining the company's leadership team.

Roche, Kite Pharma sign CAR-T and PD-L1 combo deal

Roche and Kite Pharma are bringing together two of the hottest tickets in oncology research under a new deal announced this week.

NIH-developed dengue vaccine protects all patients in challenge study

As Sanofi works to gain traction for the launch of its world-first dengue vaccine, a potential competitor may be building its case. This week, the National Institutes of Health announced that a candidate developed by scientists there posted "very encouraging" results, according to the team's lead scientist.

Covance launches mobile health suite for clinical trials

Covance's new regulatory service to help biopharma companies understand how to get the best out of mobile apps in the clinical trial space goes live this week.

Quotient Clinical expands into Japan after PE buyout

CRO Quotient Clinical, working to expand around the world after changing private equity hands, completed its first clinical trial in Japan, working to build a presence in a growing market.

Tech startup hopes to be the Kayak of clinical trials

A former executive at travel booking site has launched a matchmaking service for clinical trials, hoping to expand the platform to allow patients to find studies as easily as vacationers book flights.

Alzheon makes its case for another high-risk, high-reward Alzheimer's PhIII

Like just about every other Alzheimer's drug that's been through Phase III studies in the past decade, tramiprosate failed to demonstrate a significant impact on patient's lives. But now that Alzheon is gearing up for a late-stage program of its own, the Framingham, MA-based biotech is breaking down the data to show why they think a tweaked version of the therapy can work. And they're taking a page from rivals' play books in making the case that new and better tech can correctly identify a patient group who can be helped, possibly paving the way to a positive outcome.

Strike 3: Struggling Xoma jettisons its lead drug after (another) PhIII failure

Xoma investors can finally bid adieu to its lead drug gevokizumab. The Berkeley, CA-based biotech says that the antibody was a bust in early rounds of a Phase III study for pyoderma gangrenosum, and execs now plan to stop all work on the drug and sell it to any willing buyer.

Experts: Drug trial disaster followed several missteps; new rules needed

Why did an experimental "me-too" drug tested in France kill one patient and leave 5 others hospitalized? French health authorities gathered a committee of experts together to explore that question, and their first stab at an answer leaves the mystery largely unsolved.

'Molecule to blame' in fatal French drug study

The fault for the death of one patient and the serious injuries to 5 others in a French drug trial is down to the medicine itself, rather than the CRO and pharma company conducting the study. This is according to a new report by the French National Agency for Drug Safety, released this week.