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Latest Headlines

New rule helps small hospitals struggling with shortages

Some healthcare providers turned to compounding pharmacies to solve drug shortages when closures at big manufacturers made some drugs hard to come by. Now that compounders have run into new regulatory issues, providers are again looking for new ways to come up with what they need.

Call for track and trace resurrected in face of more counterfeits

The calls for a national track and trace system, which had died down when legislation was nixed last year, have been revived after more counterfeit cancer drugs have been discovered in the U.S.

Feds nail supplier of unapproved cancer drugs

Two individuals have pleaded guilty in separate cases to importing and selling $7 million worth of unapproved oncology drugs to doctors in the U.S., shedding light on the perils of doctors buying foreign-made drugs and thinking they are getting equal quality at lower prices.

China sends 7 to prison for producing toxic capsules

China has stepped up efforts to battle the counterfeits and the weak links in its API and drug supply industries that have tainted its reputation. It has raided unlicensed plants and made arrests, and now it has sent some of those involved to jail.

Meds from foreign plants complicate counterfeit search

Some doctors, in an effort to save money, have been enticed to buy drugs through wholesalers who claim to get them from legitimate suppliers overseas. Sometimes the drugs are real meds made at foreign plants. But sometimes they have turned out to be counterfeits.

Ranbaxy production glitch devastates its generic Lipitor biz

India's Ranbaxy Laboratories' manufacturing problems have devastated its share of the U.S. generic Lipitor market. On top of that, an expanded lawsuit in New Jersey seeks to have the drugmaker recall all of the drug that it has in the U.S.

BASF sitting pretty in ultrapure omega-3 market

Chemical behemoth BASF is sitting pretty when it comes to manufacturing ultrapure omega-3 for what is expected to be a growing area of the industry.

Teva, P&G start on OTC plant in India

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' efforts to streamline its manufacturing processes as it reshapes its destiny over the next several years haven't stopped progress on what is termed the world's largest over-the-counter manufacturing facility.

FDA alleges 3 made millions off scam wholesaler

Drugmakers and the FDA are scrambling to discover and foil all the ways drugs may get diverted and then funneled back into the legitimate U.S. supply chain. Federal authorities say they have broken up a sophisticated $60 million operation involving drugs bought off street dealers, repackaged and then resold to pharmacies through a sham wholesale operation.

AmerisourceBergen seeing shifts in drug distribution business

The end of the drugmaking supply chain was not quite as healthy last quarter for AmerisourceBergen, one of the world's largest drug distributors.