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Latest Headlines

J&J consent decree cost felt at the pharmacy

Johnson & Johnson, whose McNeil Consumer Healthcare is operating under an FDA consent decree, is taking a sales hit this flu season as consumers go to some pharmacies and find few or no Tylenol products on the shelves.

Canada taps Tamiflu stash to help Roche meet demand

Caught unprepared by a wave of illness, Canada is getting into its stash of Tamiflu to handle demand there because maker Roche is uncertain that its manufacturing and supply chain can keep up with demand.

India's vaccine prices soar as private companies gain ground

India, a country forging its way into the vaccine production business, has found itself descending into the clutches of its private sector.

Questcor buys CMO that makes API for Acthar

Questcor Pharmaceuticals has decided to take a hands-on approach to manufacturing Acthar, its drug for infantile spasm, and is buying its CMO partner to do that.

Pakistan investigates cough syrup tied to 35 deaths

An investigation into the deaths of 35 people in Gujranwala, Pakistan, tied to a cough syrup has sparked a controversy over who is to blame.

FDA warns docs to buy from approved suppliers

The FDA is warning healthcare providers that counterfeit drugs can slip into the U.S. when they stray from the approved supply chain to source products and has notified 350 U.S. doctors that they may have purchased unapproved and possibly counterfeit versions of Allergan's anti-wrinkle drug Botox.

Drug shortages aided rise of compounding pharmacies

The Boston Globe has taken a detailed look at the catalog of decisions that let to the fungal meningitis outbreak earlier this year.

CORRECTION: Appeal of Hospira case allowed

The ruling reopens the door for other patients to take manufacturers to court if they feel they have been harmed by drug shortages.

GSK teams up with Vodafone on mobile supply chain management

GlaxoSmithKline has teamed up with Vodafone in Mozambique in a test of a new supply chain approach in difficult conditions. The alliance aims to boost vaccination rates up to 10% by using cellphones to improve communication.

Cargo theft law puts target on organized crime

Federal authorities have new tools to wield against pharmaceutical cargo theft and harsher penalties for those who get caught.